Volunteer for Veterans

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They’re American Heroes and they put their lives on the line to preserve our freedom. How can we give back to our veterans? The Southern Oregon Rehabilitation Center & Clinics have a few suggestions!


When you commit your time to helping a veteran, you’ll find yourself feeling truly fulfilled. Through a number of services, you enrich the lives of those who strive to keep you safe. Submit your application and you’ll be matched to one of their numerous assignments. Each task is designed to provide care and comfort to veterans in need.


Donations aren’t strictly monetary; however, those provide equal assistance and support. But if you’re eager to donate more than time and money, you can gather items that promote the comfort and welfare of our veterans. From hygiene products to recreational activities, magazines and coffee to telephone cards, giving back makes a significant difference and shows your appreciation.

Volunteer Drivers

While this may seem like a small task, volunteer drivers transport veterans to and from their appointments all around Southern Oregon. For more information, contact the VA’s Voluntary Service Office at 541-830-7467.

Train a Service Dog

Not only is this fun, but it truly creates a ripple effect of happiness. When you train a service dog, you ensure that veterans suffering from physical and emotional trauma get the assistance they need. It allows them to heal and regain strength to continue their lives with peace and support.  


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