Visiting Whites Country Farm in Medford

Pumpkin Patch at White's County Farm in Ashland Oregon.

October brings out the best of Southern Oregon. The air becomes crisp and there’s a rich vibrancy among Fall foliage; it’s positively picturesque. And as we prepare for Halloween, just around the corner, there’s one tradition we can’t forget – a visit to the pumpkin patch. Fortunately, not far from The Bard’s Inn sits Medford’s Whites Country Farm.

Whites Country Farm

 This local farm brings fresh produce to visitors from near and far. Be it their seasonal U pick peaches, summer flowers or – of course – pumpkins, the entire family is sure to enjoy the experience. Count on an afternoon inclusive of a corn maze, hay rides, apple bobbing, feeding zoo, and other family friendly activities.

Find the Perfect Pumpkin

Embarking on a journey to find the perfect pumpkin should be both fun and carefree. It’s a wonderful way to bring the entire family together and bond over the holiday festivities. Whether you pick a pumpkin from the stand or head out to the patch itself, we guarantee you’ll find a Jack-O-lantern just for you! And when you visit Whites Country Farm you may think twice about carving your pumpkin, instead you may want to take advantage of their painting station. Here adults and kids alike become acquainted with their creative side. From intricate designs to funny faces, you’ll find this is a joyful way to spend time with the ones you love!

Let Loose

While you come for the pumpkins, you’ll certainly leave with endless memories. Outside of the hayrides and patches, you’ll find apple bobbing, bowling, face painting, music, and corn mazes that will send everyone into a fit of laughter. Regardless of age, this is a location you’ll want to return to time and again.


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