Visiting Lithia Park

Lithia Park entrance sign; where to meet for free Lithia Park nature walks

So many of us crave a place of sanctuary, where we can revel in the resplendence of Mother Nature. When the sun is shining we yearn for a quiet lunch among the autumn leaves. On other afternoons, we just want to read a book beside a shaded creek. Fortunately, this is what vacationing at The Bard’s Inn is all about. We encourage you to take a breather from the everyday chaos and bask in the simplicity of our surroundings. Ashland, Oregon offers a plethora of options for the spirited and outdoorsy soul, one being Lithia Park.

About Lithia Park

  Dubbed Ashland’s crown jewel, Lithia Park is located in the area’s downtown vicinity. According to the city’s Parks Department page, it’s a “100-acre vista of emerald lawns,” inclusive of tennis courts, picnic areas, colorful landscaping, and playground equipment. It’s the perfect spot to take a stroll in the fresh autumn air, and it’s open from dawn until 11 pm.

Lithia Park Trail 

  The trail, which follows Ashland Creek, is mesmerizing between the Japanese Garden, the peaceful duck ponds, and undeveloped woodlands. During the summer, rain or shine, locals and visitors alike can indulge in a free Nature Walk. A trained volunteer will capture your attention through discussions about the trees, flowers, birds, climate, and history of the park. As you meander along, you’ll notice your body’s natural tendency toward relaxation – it’s nearly impossible not to feel refreshed.

Picnic Areas

  If you’re looking for a place to enjoy a calm lunch, Lithia Park offers six different options. While some offer picnic tables, others do not. Each can be reserved for four-hour time blocks, to ensure a lengthy and enjoyable meal among friends and family!


  While the park is certainly a delightful experience for adults looking for some peace, it welcomes all visitors of all ages. Its playgrounds, tennis and pickleball courts, swim reservoir, ice skating rink, much more are a thrill to children and adults alike! And when you’ve exhausted your energy and you’re ready to head in for some sleep, it’s a five minute walk back to The Bard’s Inn.  


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