Visiting Jackson WellSprings

Sun shining through some trees at Jackson WellSprings in Ashland, Oregon.

This winter, when you stay at Bard’s Inn, take a trip to the Jackson WellSprings for a relaxing and rejuvenating day trip. At Jackson WellSprings, you can enjoy the healing spa year-round, along with many other wonderful amenities.

Hot Springs

The Jackson WellSprings is a mineral spring development dedicated to healing and restoration. The WellSprings spa is also home to the Health Research Institute. This institute is a non-profit dedicated to sponsoring educational, botanical, and environmental restoration projects. The water at Jackson WellSprings is really special. First Nation people were first drawn to the WellSprings because of the water. The properties of the healing water were recognized by First Nation people and weapons were not carried in the area out of respect. The naturally alkaline water is perfect for allowing you to relax and heal. Enjoy the pool, warm water soaking pool, sauna, steam room, and even private soaking tubs. With so many options, it’s easy to customize how you want to heal.  


Originally just a spring, Jackson WellSprings has now evolved into a full spa resort. Now featuring a healing center, Olympic-sized swimming pool, weekend workshops, daily classes, and a spa, there are plenty of ways to focus on rejuvenation at the WellSprings. Jackson WellSprings also has expansive gardens that, because of the mineral content of the soil, can cultivate many herbs, both for the restaurants and medicinal purposes. The spa offers various relaxing services. Here, you can get a massage to reduce stress and anxiety. There are several spa packages you can also book for a more detailed experience. If you don’t want to leave the water, you can also book a Watsu (Water + Shiatsu) massage to relax the body while you soak.    


Next time you’re in Ashland, Oregon, visit the Jackson WellSprings for a healing and restorative experience that will leave you feeling relaxed and peaceful. Continue that feeling of relaxation by staying at The Bard’s Inn and enjoying all our amenities, including complimentary breakfast.