Visit the Oregon Caves

Inside the Oregon Caves

When you visit the Oregon Caves, you’ll step into the shoes of pioneers. Explore the caves through guided tours and experience a piece of living history. Since the caves are around an hour and a half from Ashland, we recommend taking a day trip to fully experience everything this park has to offer.

Where are the Oregon Caves?


The Oregon Caves are located in the Oregon Caves National Monument & Preserve.

Since GPS devices are often misleading to this destination, you can find directions on the caves website here.

About the caves


In  1909, the caves were first designated as a national monument. Almost 100 years later, in 2014, there was an expansion added and the caves became part of the national preserve.

These caves are among some of the last areas where we can experience how pioneers explored in the past. When you visit the caves, you’ll gain a deeper appreciation, respect, and compassion for how our ancestors lived. By examining this history, you’ll feed your curiosity and the caves will surpass your expectations.

What can I do at the caves?

During your visit to the Oregon Caves, you can take tours, hike above the caves, go biking, have a picnic, explore the biodiversity of the Siskiyou Mountains, and more!


Cave tours

  • Discovery Cave Tour
    • This 90-minute tour will take you on a journey through the depths of the Oregon Caves. Alongside your ranger guide, you will explore marble passageways, glistening stones, and a giant room deep beneath the surface. You’ll also learn stories of early explorers and about the incredible geology in the caves.
  • Candlelight Cave Tour
    • Experience the caves in the same way early explorers did: by candlelight! Carry your candle lantern and watch the shadows on the cave walls as you explore the passageways and feel like you’ve traveled back in history. This tour lasts 60 minutes
  • Off-Trail Cave Tour
    • If you want the “real thing,” this is the tour for you. On this 3 hour tour you’ll go caving with trained off-trail cavers. You’ll learn caving techniques and etiquette and get up close to the depths in the Oregon Cave. Belly crawl through tight spaces, climb over boulders, and experience this one-of-a-kind cave tour.
  • Kids and Family Tour
    • Explore the caves together as a family! This is a family-friendly 90 minute tour. The tour is kid-centered and ranger-led. You’ll learn interesting age-appropriate cave information, explore the mysterious underground caves, and create lasting memories!

The Bard’s Inn is conveniently located in Downtown Ashland! Stay close to many restaurants, theaters, and activities. The Oregon Caves are only an hour and a half from Bard’s Inn, so after you spend a long day exploring the caves you can relax in your cozy room.