Rogue River Valley Boat Tour: Experience Oregon’s River

Jet Boat on the Rogue River

Oregon is home to so much beautiful nature and wildlife. When you visit, it would be a shame not to embrace all of that. In Gold Beach, Oregon, you can take a Rogue River Valley Boat Tour and see all of this nature up close and in person! These Rogue River tours let you experience all of Oregon’s natural beauty while you adventure down the river.

What is the Rogue River Valley Boat Tour?

Jerry’s Rogue Jets is the company that runs the Rogue River Valley Boat Tour. These tours will take you on a trip up the Rogue River. Along the way, you’ll be able to see the incredible nature and wildlife nearby. During your Rogue River Valley Boat Tour, your guide will treat you to historic, educational, and comedic narration. You’ll learn about the area and laugh a lot!

These tours are available daily from May 1 – October 15. You can check availability for your visit here.

What boat tours can I take?

There are three options for a Rogue River Valley Boat Tour available. Each tour is a unique experience, and fun for all ages. Jerry’s website says the tours are perfect for everyone from “young to young at heart!” Because of this, everyone in your family can join in on the fun and experience this tour all together!

64 mile Historic Mail Boat Route

This tour will take you along the historic mail boat route. You’ll be able to tag along on this mail route, since these boats still deliver the mail to Agness, Oregon, which is 32 miles upriver. This tour is more laid-back and calm, and is perfect for people who don’t want to get wet on the Whitewater tours.

80 mile Whitewater Excursion

On this Whitewater Excursion, you’ll travel through the 2-Mile Rapid, Shasta Costa Rapid, Wildcat Rapid, Old Diggins Rapid, Fosters Rapid, and Watson Creek Rapid. Take in nature as your boat’s pilot–a skilled veteran boatsman navigates the rolling water. He will tell you about the facts and history of the river, along with entertaining tall tales about growing up in the Rogue Valley. There will be stops along the way, so you can get out of the boat and capture some of the idyllic scenery around you.

104 mile Wilderness Whitewater

This tour takes you into the “wild” section of the Rogue River–a section that is only accessible by jet boats, rafts, and hiking. Your pilot will tell you tall tales, historic facts, and more as he guides you through the river waters. Reach the midpoint of your tour when you arrive at Blossom Bar Rapid; anything beyond that point is not navigable by boat.

While you’re on this tour, keep your eyes peeled for the wildlife! You can see the black bears, black tail deer, river otters, mink, bald eagles, osprey, and beavers who call the Rogue River Valley home.

How long have these tours been running?

Jerry’s Rogue Jets first started in 1958. The Rogue Mail Boat service began in 1895. Originally competing companies, the two joined forces in 2010 and the rest is history! When combined, Jerry’s Rogue Jets has a history of over 160 years of experience on the river. Over the years, Jerry’s Rogue Jets and the Rogue River Valley Boat Tour have evolved. As new technology developed, Jerry’s updated their boats and equipment, while still maintaining the classic charm the tours have had since their beginning.

How much does a tour cost?

The tour cost varies depending on which tour you take.

64 mile tour

  • Adult: $50
  • Child (4-11): $25
  • 3 & under: Free

80 mile tour

  • Adult: $70
  • Child (4-11): $25
  • 3 & under: Free

104 mile tour

  • Adult: $95
  • Child (4-11): $45
  • 3 & under: Free

The costs of these tours does not include the cost of your meal during the tour break. However, you are not required to purchase food if you do not wish to. If you have any questions about these tours, you can find more information here.

Will you be taking a Rogue Valley River Boat Tour on your next trip to Oregon?

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