Ride the Cascade Siskiyou Bikeway at Up & Down Ashland!

Two people biking in the Ashland area

This summer, you can take a beautiful scenic bikeway through Ashland! Participate in the Up & Down Ride to take off on a bicycle adventure through scenic Oregon. When you ride the Cascade Siskiyou Bikeway, you can experience one of the best bike trails in Oregon!

What is the Up & Down bike ride?

The Up & Down ride gives you a chance to ride the Cascade Siskiyou Bikeway! This ride offers two route options for bikers and is guaranteed to have incredible views throughout. This ride is not a race, so bikers can truly take their time and enjoy the routes they’re biking along.

After the ride, you can enjoy a terrific lunch and free beer at Emigrant Lake!

When is the ride?

This year, the 2019 Up & Down ride is on July 20th.

The ride begins at 6:30 am, and the event runs until 4:00 pm.

What are the route options?

There are two route options for the Up & Down ride. Whichever route you choose, you’ll begin and end your ride at Emigrant Lake in Ashland, Oregon.

Scenic Cascade Siskiyou Bikeway

The original route for the Up & Down ride, the Cascade Siskiyou Bikeway is a 49-mile, 4900′ ride that features a challenging beginning climb, but a downhill end that makes the difficult beginning so worth it! Climb up to the Greensprings summit, across Howard Prairie, and finally down the Dead Indian Memorial Road Highway. This route has two water stops and two rest stops. Here you’ll find everything you need–including full support services–to re-energize and take on the rest of the ride.

Spencer Creek

If you want even more of a challenge, sign up for the Spencer Creek route! This is a 97-mile, 7800′ trail that is being offered due to popular demand. Trek up the Greensprings summit and head to the Dead Indian Memorial Road Highway. Bike on roads through meadows and forests and down the 12 mile Clover Creek Road decline. Climb back up one more time to Keno Access Road and enjoy the final descent down DIMR to Emigrant Lake. This route features four rest stops, two water stops, and full support services along the way.

How much does it cost?

The Up and Down Ashland costs $70 for the Cascade Siskiyou Bikeway and $80 for the Spencer Creek ride.

You can register here.

Where do proceeds go?

The proceeds for this event are split between two different organizations.

Some of the proceeds will go to Bear Creek Greenway, which is a 20 mile long paved multi-use trail. This trail connects Ashland, Talent, Phoenix, Medford, and Central Point. Along the route, you’ll find plenty of parks, scenic spots, prime bird watching areas, and fun outdoor recreation areas.

The other portion of the proceeds is going to Green Springs Fire & Rescue. Green Springs protects the routes and bikers during Up & Down Ashland. The department provides fire, emergency medical, rescue, and more services from 32 volunteer members at two fire stations.

Will you be biking Up & Down Ashland?

Will you choose the Cascade Siskiyou Bikeway or the Spencer Creek trail? Make the most of your time in Ashland and stay for the weekend! 

Stay at Bard’s Inn to enjoy our wonderful amenities, including complimentary breakfast, as well as our proximity to Downtown Ashland.