Experience Ashland off the Beaten Path

Man and a woman smiling in a convertible as they explore Oregon.

Ashland, Oregon has many amazing activities to keep you busy during your stay. One of the most famous is Ashland’s theater scene. But what about the entertainment outside of theater? If you want to branch out and explore off the beaten path, this is for you.


U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Forensics Laboratory

Now we know what you’re thinking: “A fish and wildlife forensics laboratory? Isn’t forensics that CSI stuff?” And you’d be correct. The USFWS was established to provide forensic analysis for evidence of poaching, illegal fishing and hunting, logging of protected plants, and more nature-based conservation efforts. Here, you can take a walk around the property and see some of the evidence these forensic scientists use to catch criminals. During business hours, you can even go inside and see some videos and exhibits about their work.

The Oregon Vortex

The Oregon Vortex House of Mystery is located around half an hour outside Ashland in Gold Hill, Oregon. Here, you’ll find a strange world where physical facts don’t make sense. Forget everything you’ve learned and be amazed when you visit here and see people appear smaller as they get closer to you and change heights depending on where they stand. Embrace your sense of curiosity when visiting the House of Mystery.

The Bigfoot Trap

Also just outside Ashland is Jacksonville, Oregon is the Collings Mountain Trail. On this trail is the 10 by 10 foot Bigfoot trap. For years, it was filled with bait to tempt the legendary creature. Although the trap has never caught Bigfoot, maybe you’ll be the one to finally prove Bigfoot is more than a myth!

Lithia Park

Returning to Ashland, Lithia Park boasts the beauty that Oregon is known for. Even though Lithia Park is well known, it still deserves a mention. Conveniently located just five minutes from The Bard’s Inn, fountains, duck ponds, detailed gardens, hiking and mountain biking trails, and more make up the 93-acre park. However, one of Lithia Park’s most unique features is its water fountain. The town water contains lithium oxide salt deposits (I’ll let you guess how Lithia got its name…), which supposedly has health benefits. Visit Lithia Park and soak up all nature has to offer.  


If you came to Ashland for its historic theater scene or because of the beautiful views, venture off the beaten path during your stay and enjoy a vacation that’s truly unique. Book your room today!