Can You Escape from this Ashland Escape Room?

A Family in costumes at Escape Ashland

If you’re looking for a fun Ashland escape room, visit Escape Ashland! Experience different adventures and work together as a team in order to escape from a themed room. Let your imagination soar and your puzzle solving abilities shine as you solve clue after clue in a race against the clock to escape!

About Escape Ashland


Escape Ashland is Southern Oregon’s family-friendly escape room and fun for all skill levels. The rooms are located just a few blocks from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and they’re only a 4-8 minute walk from The Bard’s Inn!

Escape rooms are quickly gaining popularity as a fun way to solve puzzles as a team in order to “escape” from a room. They’re not just any rooms though; each room is themed to a different type of puzzle. This creates a fun experience where you’ll be immersed in the detailed room’s environment.

Escape Ashland will let you take on these challenges in teams of 2-8 players. One of the great things about this experience is that even if you have just two players, you won’t be grouped with other strangers just to fill a room. This Ashland Escape Room also understands that part of the fun of escape rooms is puzzling your way out. So they’ll be on hand to help you with clues or reassure you that you’re on the right path. Race against the clock with your group and try to escape the room!

Games available

The Ashland escape room has two–soon to be three!–different games you can try to beat. Each game offers a different escape experience, and they’re all so much fun!

The Audition

In “The Audition,” you have just arrived for an audition for Henry V. But a jealous actor has locked you in the green room backstage in order to get the part for himself instead! Unravel his twisted clues to keep him from preventing your audition. Solve his puzzles and find the final clue before your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is lost!

The Ramblin’ Rogue Saloon

The Ramblin’ Rogue Saloon just opened, and you just arrived to town just in time to enjoy it. You also arrived just in time to be falsely accused of robbing the Wells Fargo stagecoach as it passed through Jefferson State. The U.S. Marshall is on the way to arrest you and will arrive in one hour–can you discover the identity of the true bandit and clear your name before it’s too late?

The Saloon also has a resident “barkeep” who serves up cold root beer and Caldera Brewing products so you can wet your whistle while you search for the clues to clear your name!

The Scottish Play — coming soon!

“The Scottish Play” is the newest game to this Ashland escape room. It debuts mid-July, has an exciting new story, and is designed in partnership with an OSF artistic team! This is based off of “The Scottish Play,” one of Shakespeare’s plays that has been cursed since its first performance in 1606, according to theater legend. In this game, tragedy has befallen a performance of “The Scottish Play” and the theater has been closed. But what caused it? Was it the 400-year-old curse or something more sinister? You must avoid catastrophe and discover the source of disaster before another tragedy strikes! Can you solve the mystery and prevent another disaster?

Where you can find the Ashland escape room games

The Audition is located at:

147 N. Pioneer St.

Ashland, Oregon 97520


The Ramblin’ Rogue Saloon is located at:

40 N. Main St.

Ashland, Oregon 97520


Monday – Friday 11:00 am – 8:00 pm

Saturday 10:00 am – 8:00 pm

Sunday 11:00 am – 7:00 pm

Booking your escape room adventure

You can call 541-613-6488 to book your adventure, or book online here.

If the standard hours don’t work or you have a large party, call Escape Ashland and they can assist with accommodating your needs.

And now, if you’re staying at The Bard’s Inn, you can get a discount for your Escape Ashland adventure! Visit this Ashland escape room on a Monday to receive 20% off with the promo code: Bard20.

Are you up to the challenge of escaping from one of these Ashland escape room games?

Try your luck at Escape Ashland during your stay at The Bard’s Inn!

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