The 2019 Oregon Shakespeare Festival Shows: Part One

The 2019 Oregon Shakespeare Festival is in full swing! Almost all of the shows for the 2019 season are open and running. We’ve got the info on what Oregon Shakespeare Festival shows you can find this summer, as well as a little bit about each one. In part one we’ll cover half the shows, and finish the festival lineup in a part two!

As You Like It

March 1 – October 26

After being exiled from court, Duke Senior flees to the forest with her daughter, Rosalind. Rosalind disguises herself as a young man named Ganymede in order to stay safe. But when she meets young Orlando, who has also fled to the forest, things get complicated! This beloved Shakespearean comedy challenges all of society’s rules of conformity since “all the world’s a stage.”

Mother Road

March 3 – October 26

Inspired by John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath, this story follows hardworking farmer William Joad. He has no one to inherit his farm, until he unexpectedly finds a new relative. Martin Jodes is a young Mexican-American man descended from Steinbeck’s original protagonist Tom Joad. This powerful story reverses Steinbeck’s characters’ original journey: traveling back to Oklahoma from the migrant farm-worker camps in California.

Alice in Wonderland

May 29 – October 12

Experience the delightful retelling of Lewis Carroll’s classic story. Join Alice as she goes down the rabbit hole and discovers the magic of Wonderland. This retelling honors the beloved original story while adapting Alice into a character who will delight audiences of all generations! This music-filled, creative, and playful production will enchant audiences of all ages.


May 28 – October 11

This classic Shakespearean story begins when Macbeth murders the Scottish king and claims the throne for himself. But his power hungry ways lead to Macbeth being consumed by paranoia and guilt. Soon, he and his wife are stuck on a bloody campaign to keep the power they stole. This story focuses on human psychology and the damage unchecked greed and ambition can cause.

Cambodian Rock Band

March 6 – October 27

Thirty years after her father fled from Cambodia, a young woman tries to piece together her family history. Music plays a large role in this production, since it focuses on the vivid Cambodian rock scene of the 60s and 70s. Learn about what it means to be a survivor, the resilient bond of family, and of course: the lasting power of music.

Between Two Knees

April 3 – October 27

The 1941’s is a sketch comedy troupe taking the OSF stage to tell a story of familial love, loss, and connection that reaches across generations. This production covers the massacre at Wounded Knee, the forced reeducation at Indian boarding schools, the Civil Rights Movement, and more. While these are rightfully serious topics, The 1941’s production maintains a sense of humor, making this one of the most unique Oregon Shakespeare Festival shows.

Which Oregon Shakespeare Festival Shows do you want to see this summer?

We covered 6 of the 11 productions coming to stage this year. Stay tuned for part two to learn about the rest! You can buy tickets for a show here. And if you’re coming to Ashland for the OSF, stay at The Bard’s Inn to be within walking distance of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival theaters as well as everything else downtown Ashland has to offer!